Tea - Loose Leaf Tea, Tea Bags & Tea Gift Sets

Tea - Loose Leaf Tea, Tea Bags & Tea Gift Sets
We are pleased to offer tea from: The Metropolitan Tea Company and Tea Forte.

We drink tea all day long (hot and iced) in our offices and drink what we sell. All of the tea brands we offer are of superior quality and come in attractive boxes or tins. Our customer service representatives will be happy to recommend their favorite varieties to you.

We are proud to offer tea bags, loose leaf tea, prism bagged tea and teas with cute boxes that are excellent for gift giving and tea parties. The green, white, red and black teas we sell have excellent smooth flavors and aromas. If caffeine is a problem for you, we have decaffeinated teas and tisanes (herbal teas containing no tea) that will please your taste buds and not interrupt your sleep patterns or make you feel jumpy. Be sure to check out the Ayurvedic teas for weight loss tea, digestion tea, calming tea, detoxifying tea, memory boosting tea and tea for other health-related issues.

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