Arte Italica Italian Pottery Dinnerware & Pewter

Arte Italica Italian Pottery Dinnerware & Pewter
Splendid dinnerware collections and elegant room accents are among our Arte Italica lines of tableware, Decor and gifts from Distinctive Decor. Your table will look superb with Arte Italica's handmade Amorini Italian dinnerware. The design is delicately hand-painted grapevine in rich colors of green, red and Tuscan yellow on white. Shop all our distinctive Arte Italica dinnerware patterns. Pieces without metal from every Arte Italica dinnerware collection are dishwasher safe using non-abrasive detergents and microwave safe, too. We have Arte Italica wine glasses with pewter stems. Founder Ann Skidmore describes her collections as capturing "the soul of Italy" through centuries-old techniques passed down through generations.

The Animale Collection from Arte Italica combines Italian pewter and glass to create glasses with animal head bases. When the glasses are turned upside down, the animal heads are at attention. This homage to ancient Italian hunting cups is an example of how Arte Italica draws from Old World traditions to create contemporary glassware, dinner service pieces and bath and vanity sets. Because each piece is handcrafted, each is unique, making Arte Italica pottery, plates, glasses, containers and pitchers highly collectible.

We have beautifully designed Cero candlesticks and cake stands by Arte Italica. Garden pots, bowls and vases have been handcrafted by master artisans using the "Lustro" technique utilizing metallic finishes over glaze on a warm ivory base to create neutral color schemes. Each urn, platter and bowl from Arte Italica's Capri home Decor collection is crafted on a potter's wheel and appliquéd by hand. We have fine Italian pewter flatware for your dinner table and beautiful pewter trays. Arte Italica's home Decor originals also include hand-formed ceramic urns and carafes created by one Italian family's ceramic factory since the 19th century. These heirloom-quality pieces are glorious gifts for any special occasion.

Arte Italica Dinnerware
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