Centerpieces, Decorative Bowls & Bowl Fillers

Create a stunning centerpiece in any room of your home by adding a decorative bowl or pre-made centerpiece to the design. Decorative bowls make great centerpieces on tables, countertops and tables. Simply fill the bowl with bowl fillers and you'll have a unique, highly customized piece you can be proud of. Change the bowl fillers as often as you please to match the season, match your mood or match your decor.

Our decorative bowl centerpieces are large enough to demand attention. They're perfect for bringing a room's design together and can be used alone or paired with a bowl stand to add height. A highly decorative bowl with a seasonal bowl-filler will make a big impact at a reasonable price. In addition to centerpiece bowl fillers, they can also be filled with cut flowers, spices or fruit.

When choosing a decorative bowl or centerpiece, consider how you plan to use it and the scale of the table you intend to set it on. The bowl should be large enough to draw attention, but not too large as to overpower the table.

Bowls & Centerpieces

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