Mariposa Handmade Metal & Glass Gift Collection

Mariposa Handmade Metal & Glass Gift Collection
We want to help you celebrate special moments with a gift of Mariposa. Whether you need the perfect wedding, hostess, graduation, or special occasion gift, Mariposa has just the thing to make it memorable. You can also treat yourself to this gorgeous selection of handcrafted glassware and recycled aluminum serveware, frames and home d├ęcor, made by Mariposa's gifted artists.

Mariposa products are all handmade. The company has long believed that anything handmade must not only be beautiful and elegant, but also the product of ecologically responsible techniques and materials. Mariposa's commitment to sustainability is evident in every piece of aluminum table and giftware, handcrafted in Mexico of 100% recycled materials. They ensure that every step of each manufacturing process is ecologically sound and designed to minimize waste and potential damage to the environment, as well as safeguard artisans by ensuring they receive a competitive wage, benefits, and safe working conditions.

Mariposa's designers and artist-in-residence understand that how we decorate our rooms, our tables, and our private spaces is a form of self-expression. Thus the offerings of these talented individuals help us place our own unique stamp on our world and the spaces we inhabit.

Mariposa Metal & Glass
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